Need to Know Six New Facebook Live Features – Search Engine Traffics

Facebook has announced six new Facebook Live features. Following are the mentioned below six latest Facebook Live tools & features you need to know:

  1. Go Live from Laptops & Desktops

Live from Laptops & Desktops

Facebook Pages can now go live, via a browser on their laptop or desktop computer. This will make it easier way for a variety of broadcasters. We’re still waiting for the Facebook Live on desktops for everyone.

  1. New Role: Live Contributor


If you’re a Facebook user and you are page admin, now you can assign particular people to go live on the part of you. Until now, only page admins were able to use Facebook Live. This was problematic if you had a large team of contributors. But now, you can assign anyone. But now your Live Contributors can simply start streaming live.

  1. Pin Live Comments


Now you can highlight great comments from your viewers. Facebook has added the ability to pin comments to the bottom of your broadcasts.

  1. Video Permalinks


Facebook is adding permalinks for videos. It will use this format: So, for example, the permalink of Search Engine Traffics is

At your permalinks, viewers will see all your previous live and non-live videos.

  1. Cross posting After Your Live Broadcast Ends


After the live broadcast, has ended at your Facebook, you can now publish the respective video to multiple pages at once.

  1. Video Insights for Profiles


Public figures (e.g., celebrities, politicians, journalists) who have 5,000 or more followers will gain access to some new metrics, for both live and uploaded videos, in the coming weeks. The Video Insights for Profiles metrics will include:

  1. Minutes viewed.
  2. Number of views.
  3. Engagement (reactions, comments, shares).
  4. Total number of video posts.
  5. Total number of Profile followers.

Insights section of Search Engine Traffics is For more visit our Facebook Page

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